About Us

At Advantage Capital Funds we understand that choosing a funding source is a delicate decision. We value all applications and view each business uniquely, taking all circumstances into consideration. The principals of our company come from a small business background, hence we understand the day to day challenges and what it takes to make it successful. We underwrite accordingly and want to fund the business in a way where the payback can be easily manageable and the business can thrive, resulting in a long term relationship with all of our merchants.

Our company philosophy is simple; Don't be the biggest - be the BEST. We aim to provide an exceptional level of support to all of our merchants from application, to funding and most importantly, post funding. All merchants will receive a designated Account Executive to assist with the submission, Funding Coordinator to make the funding process simple and a Renewal Funding Executive that provides client support after the funding.

We are not a company with numbered accounts, we are a family with members. To learn more about the Advantage Capital family, please call (800) 828-0306.

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