3 Reasons Every Small Business Should Keep a Diary

Dear Diary….             It’s a phrase often written by prepubescent girls, but for 3 simple reasons it’s something were suggesting small business owners try too.

A Place to Exercise Your Voice

When you embarked on your small business it was easy to get caught up in the initial excitement.  After all, being your own boss and the flexibility to work remotely and independently packs mass appeal.  However, like everything in life there can be drawbacks; in this case the potential con lies in isolation.

Regardless of your voluntary work situation sometimes you just need to vent. Worries and frustrations need not to be aired in public, but as a small business owner that does not mean you need to carry the burden on your back.  Get it out by jotting it down.  Putting the words down will make you feel as if you’ve somewhat addressed the issues bothering you.  This type of exercise will help free your mind, allowing you to get back to the important tasks at hand.

A Place to Dream

Most likely if you’re running a successful small business your plan has been polished and perfected.  Tweaks, re-writes, evaluations and analysis all are necessary when drafting the formal plans of your company.  The counter point of the business plan is your business diary, where your unfiltered thoughts and huge hopes can breathe.

No need to detail the step-by-step process of achieving your goals, the pages of a business diary gives you the freedom to just dream.  Allow your diary to serve as a constant creativity stream for hope, motivation and inspiration.  While journaling you can relax and be informal; who knows, you might even jump-start growth from a few free flowing aspirations.

A Place to Reflect

There is no denying that a diary can serve as a mirror into your past.  Not only will recording a sticky situation help you work through the problem, but reflecting on it later can serve your business and your well being.  When problems will undoubtedly rise again, going back and reflecting on another time can help you overcome your current troubles.

By scanning back to the moments of panic that turned into you working it out and eventually moving on, you can calm and comfort yourself with the reminder that your business has been through hard times before, and you made it out the other end. Another bonus, depending on the situation, you might be able to take a lesson from hurdles past.

How To Make It Happen

Implementing a successful journal routine is based on two factors: convenience and consistency.  Clearly, entry-making has its advantages, but if the process adds too much of a commitment to your already heavy workload you’ll never do it.

Try working your diary time into a ritual already taking place in your life.  During your morning coffee, during evening commercial breaks, while your weekly laundry is in the dryer – connecting this habit with normal functions of your everyday life will instantly afford you the opportunity to vent, reflect, dream and most important, write.

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