3 Small Business Trends to Cash in On

Going Green

It is more than a trend; going green is way of life that every day is adopted by more and more people.  Whether the goal is to save the environment or save ourselves from our careless waste of resources, the public is not just going green, it is staying that way.  Any way you can market your products in an environmentally friendly way is a good thing (i.e. only using 100% recycled packaging).  Even if you cannot make your products greener (i.e. you design websites) you can still market yourself as a green business internally, to the environmentally conscious consumer this can lean their loyalty towards you rather than another.  Get certified through the Green Business Bureau to get your Eco-friendly efforts nationally recognized.

Generation Y

A lot of teens and young adults are old enough that they are bringing in some kind of income and yet young enough that heavy financial burdens like kids and home mortgages are still years away.  This leverages them to have a lot of buying power in the market.  Reach out to potential youth by presenting an aspect of your business as fresh, trendy and with a bit of an edge.  Research shows that a third of teen spending is done online, so make sure they can purchase your products/services on the web.  Create a buzz and engage generation Y by posting relative content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Healthy Lifestyles

As time has progressed, information has become more readily available and easily exchanged.  As a result more people are aware of the dangerous repercussions of unhealthy lifestyles.  Public perception has also become stricter.  Today more than ever it is important to look fit, healthy and most important, youthful.  From wrinkle creams to organics and gym memberships – various industries are embracing a health and wellness mindset to increase sales.  Its common economics, supply the people what they demand, and what they demand is a better looking and feeling self.  Find a way to market your business from a health and wellness standpoint to increase the attractiveness of your offer.

What other trends are you paying attention to?

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