3 Tech Ways to Give Back To Your Customers (and Your Company)

How would you rank the value of your customers in correlation to the success of your business?  Chances are there is not a rank high enough; your customers are the heart and soul of your success, making them invaluable.

In addition to handwritten notes and saying thank you, there are technological ways to show your appreciation too.  The benefit of using technology is that in addition to giving back, you can gain more traffic and a better presence within the community – making tech thanks-yous a win-win relationship for both your customer and company.

 Offer free Wi-Fi

Providing a hotspot for you customers is a nice perk, and it makes coming to your business a more pleasurable experience.  Chances are you will have to get some type of internet connection for the back end of your business, so opting to make it wireless shouldn’t be that far of a stretch.

Cautious about Wi-Fi freeloaders?   Instead of turning yourself into a hotspot, secure your connection but print the pass code on the bottom of receipts, that way only paying customers can reap the benefits.  Also, set your company’s website or Facebook as the connection’s homepage to build your own traffic.

 Offer a reward for checking-in

Give back to customers who use the Facebook check-in application.  When “checking-in” customers display to all of their followers that they are at your place of business, which will likely increase the chance of building a bigger audience.  Show your appreciation by (for a set period of time) offering a 10% discount for checking-in.

Take their picture…and upload it

One of the biggest social media mistakes made by companies is that they don’t humanize their brand.  Switch this up and show customers that they are a part of your family by asking them to pose with their new purchases (new clothes if you run a retail store or a delicious meal if you run a restaurant).

By tagging themselves in the post, customers will likely connect their friends to your page.  You could also run a photo contest, where customers upload their own pictures and the best one will be chosen to reap yet another reward.

 What other ways can you give a technological thank-you?


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