5 Tips for Sale Success

Stand Out From the Competition

You have been selling the same products or services for years; chances are your output isn’t going to change, after all that is the business you are in.  While you cannot necessary change your products or services you can add a benefit, preferably one that your competition does not.

10% off for first time customers, free delivery – added benefits like these will allow you to keep doing what you’re doing while simultaneously separating you from the crowd.

Let Your Customers Do the Talking

You don’t need a celebrity endorsement to you get your business noticed.  Customer testimonials are just as (or possibly even more) powerful.  In today’s communicative online market, portals like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp are filled with customer testimonials.

In addition to these sites, consider adding testimonial quotes on your website.  How can you get them?  Ask customers for feedback through emails or on site with a suggestion/feedback box.  Maximize cooperation by offering a discount to those that share their opinion.

Bundle, Suggest, Up-sell

It is easier to make a sale when someone has already committed to buying something.  Make the most out of this opportunity by encouraging bundling or up-selling whenever appropriate.  These tactics work best when they are presented in a helpful, suggestive light rather than a sales-y one.  One of the greatest examples can be seen on Amazon or Netflix, both of these sites make suggestions based off of customer’s past purchases and preferences.

Your small business can do the same thing in real time.  Be sure to educate staff of helpful add-ons (i.e. if someone is buying a lap top, point out to them a variety of popular cases) and practice with them how to make a sales pitch sound like less of a performance and more like a conversation filled with helpful suggestions.

Set an Expiration Date

Discounts are a great way to get people to purchase, but pairing them with psychological tricks can be more powerful.  Mark your sales rack as “This Week Only”, or offer a redeemable coupon that must be used before a rapidly approaching date.  People want a deal, and deadlines will motivate them to make a commitment faster.

Knowledge is Power

Want people to purchase your product?  Then educate them on the benefits.  Signs that point out “favorite uses” or “unique attributes” can turn a browsing client into a purchaser.

Also, appeal to emotions.  Include pictures of people happily using the products or point out to customers this week’s ‘hottest items’.  Consumers desire to be on trend and want to get more than just use out of your product – they want the feel good emotions to come with it.

How do you maximize your business’s sales potential?

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