Turning Super Bowl Tips into Small Business Success

Keep a Keen Eye on Competition

Any Super Bowl champion will tell you that in addition to a strong offense you need a strong defense.  Only one team business can come out on top, so keep tabs on your competition.  Check in via their social media or gain a perspective by experiencing their world as a customer.  Compare and contrast their strengths and weaknesses and figure out how the experience can tweak your own performance for the better.

Halftimes are Necessary

Affording yourself a break every now and then will keep you from experiencing the dreaded business burnout.  Big commitments include a vacation, but small changes like unplugging tech devices after work and committing to at least 7 hours of sleep can make all the difference.  Taking a break requires more willpower than actual effort, so force yourself to follow through. Once you accept halftimes into your routine, you will be able to greet each day with a fresh perspective and a rested, able body.

Play for Your Fans

Consider your customers your fans, after all they are the reason you continue to try to score and their satisfaction is directly based on your performance. Football fans tend to be more devoted than business fans, why?  Because at one point in time they made an investment in the team they are currently cheering for; whether they went to a game when they were younger or have been watching every year as a tradition, emotional investments make the difference.  Try reaching out to your customers in this way by sharing your story or behind-the-scenes peeks into your special world.  People will connect a lot easier if you remind them that your business is in run by humans just like them.

Everyone Needs a Uniform

There are 32 teams in the NFL and yet all it takes is a glance at a color combo and a mascot for people to be able to identify the team.  Implement this tactic in your own business by establishing your color scheme and commit to matching it throughout your store site, packaging and online presence.  Branding your individual attributes in this way will make your business stand stronger as a collective whole.

Practices Are Essential

On or off the field, conditioning yourself to keep practicing is a recipe for success.  Stay on your A-game by making the commitment to continue your education.  You never know when the lessons learned in practice will come in handy during crucial game-time moments.  Books and blogs are a great way to stay up-to-date within your niche.  You can also shake up your educational environment by attending conferences or tuning into industry-specific podcasts.

 Huddle Up

You’ve heard it before, there’s no “i” in team; however this is an “us” in business.  Not only will huddling up with team members allow you all to devise plans and share input, but it will afford you an opportunity to cultivate creatively as well.  Brainstorming sessions are most successful when you prompt team members with a concept or conflict and give each member the time to think about things independently.  Then, come together as a group, take the time to share each person’s ideas and together you can build from there.

 What other ways can your business score big?

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