Why Customers Call The Shots Now More Than Ever

The saying “the customer is always right” is a tried and true ideal.  Knowing the power that they hold, smart entrepreneurs continue to put the customer first.  In today’s telling online market, this great power that customers hold has expanded to almost immeasurable lengths.

Let Their Voices Be Heard

Facebook discussions, tweets and online forums have put your business under the spotlight and given your customers a microphone.  Additionally, ranking sites like Yelp and Angie’s List make it easy for potential customers to determine if your company is worthy of their business.  Spearhead these efforts by joining in on the conversation, adding input and feedback whenever possible.  In today’s saturated market, clients are exchanging loyalty for interaction and a personal connection.

The Power of Their Opinions

In addition to online written forums, videos have jumpstarted both company/client interaction and major marketing campaigns.

Because videos turn readers into viewers, they have the potential to make a greater personal connection.  And when done right, videos can even implement your next advertising venture.  Take for example, Fathead.  Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial of 11-year old Drake speechlessly ecstatic at the site of his new Fathead poster that his parents plastered on his bedroom wall.

To quote Joel Holleman’s article, “Jake Mahoney, Fathead’s senior media manager, said, ‘I don’t think we’ve ever had a spot that was more convincing to parents than [Drake’s video].’”

What started as a simple home video now is powerfully aired nationally in multiple slots.  Why?  Because the best advertising out there remains to be a happy customer.

How Customers Can Drive New Business

In addition to attracting new customers, opinionated customers can also drive in new business ventures.  Just take a lesson from Truvia, the sweetener company that poised the Facebook question, “Where would you like to see Truvia products in your town?”  Simple responses are now bulking up business proposals with the undeniable voices of the public.  Read more about this amazingly smart and easy approach, reported by Marissa McNaughton.

In addition to the age-old saying “the customer is always right” we would be wise to add on “and always empowered and persuasive.”  Be aware of the power your customers hold, and implement fresh techniques to get their power working in your favor.

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