Canada Merchant Cash Advance

US merchants have been taking advantage of this unique funding product for the past ten years to assist with cash flow, to fund renovations & expansions and to purchase equipment & inventory.

Advantage Capital Funds Canada ULC is now offering this small business loan alternative to Canadian merchants. The funds are based of your future credit and/or debit card processing sales and are typically available in as fast as 10 days.

With a merchant cash advance, you are not receiving a loan and therefore there is no interest rate. Instead you are selling your future credit card sales at a discount and receiving cash up front. The discount rate varies based your business's overall financial stability.

The repayment of the merchant advance is extremely desirable to merchants as we get paid back a small percentage of the daily credit card and/or debit card transactions; if you have a slower month so do we and vice versa.

We can provide Canadian businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, auto repair shops, medical practices, etc. with up to $200,000 per location.

To find out how much your business qualifies for or to receive additional information please contact us:

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