Franchisor Advantage

If you are a franchisor, Advantage Capital Funds can assist your franchise.

As a franchisor your first priority is obviously the stability and financial health of your franchisees. With the current credit markets most businesses including franchisees are having a difficult time obtaining funding for working capital, renovations and or expansions. This is where we step in; we have created a streamlined system whereby we fund franchisees for the above mentioned items and can also pay you directly if they are behind on franchise fees etc. You no longer have to worry about your franchisee falling behind franchise contributions or suffering from cash flow issues that tend to result in a downward spiral resulting in the franchisee going out of business and ultimately affecting your brand.

All you have to do is provide the client contact information and our funding specialists will take it from application to funding without any assistance or involvement from you. You can even market this funding tool as a co-branded effort for future franchisee prospects if approved by management.

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