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Merchant Cash Advance Funding Process

The entire funding process should take less than 10 days in most instances.

Upon submission, underwriting will review the account and issue a conditional approval with various options. Once an option is selected, the contracts will be e-mailed or faxed to the merchant. After the executed contracts are received, ACF will perform final verifications and issue the final approval. Subsequently, one of our funding coordinators will set up the preferred payback platform for the merchant. This consists of setting up the merchant with a preferred split funding processor or a lockbox bank account. After the system is setup we will review batching for 2-3 days to make sure everything is running smoothly and at that point we will wire the funds!

In order to ensure your funding happens in a timely manner please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Complete Submission: Provide the complete list of required documentation on the checklist.
  2. Requests from Underwriting: If underwriting makes any requests make sure to provide these as soon as possible.
  3. Boarding with Split Funding Processor or Lockbox account: When your funding coordinator informs you that your new account is setup, start the process right away.
  4. Being Accessible: Provide your best contact number so that we can call when we need you during each step of the process and call us back in a timely manner.

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